Top Five Foreign Films – Some of the Best of Foreign Cinema

As many Hollywood movies become more and more conventional, predictable, and stale, foreign films are increasing in popularity not only in their own home country, but by leaps and bounds in the English speaking world, as well. While it would be easy to make a top 100 list of foreign films, for space purposes this is a list of five of the best out there.

#1 “Aguirre, the Wrath of God.” How to even begin to describe this movie? Strange, surreal, and incredibly unique in an unforgettable way. This intense movie is one of the strangest, and best, foreign films out there, and is absolutely stunning. No matter how many unusual movies you’ve seen, this one will bowl you over with how weird and unique this film is.

#2 “Love Me if You Dare.” This is an incredible French film that is a great romantic comedy that redefines the genre for those individuals who generally hate romantic comedies. Don’t let a genre keep you from watching this film. This story of love, connection, dark comedy, and inability to live in a “normal” world is original and incredible. I believe this is a French foreign movie, and this one is a stunning roller coaster ride of a film.

#3 “City of God.” A terrifying and dark film based in Rio de Jinero, Brazil. If you want to get a sense of Brazilian slums and shanty towns, this is your film. This movie is a real eye opener about the state of life for many in the Third World, and is dark and brutally honest.

#4 “M.” This 1931 film was decades ahead of its time, and features an incredibly dark theme about a child serial killer who is absolutely self-loathing of himself. Move over Hannibal Lecter, this guy beat you by decades and brings a surprisingly dark performance for a movie from the early part of this century.

#5 Babette’s Feast. This is an absolutely fantastic movie. It doesn’t need action, swearing, nudity, or obvious moments of heavy action. This movie keeps moving with an interesting plot, interesting characters, and great dialogue. This is a wonderful story, and a movie you should see.